This week, I find myself guilty of overindulging in evil, evil foods without going to the gym to equalize things. In any way, my diet has been ruined. –I really have to remember that birthday celebrations happen on a monthly basis (my estimate), so the “Party kasi (It’s a party)” reasoning isn’t valid. And I have to live with the guilt after.

I do not believe in the diet principle of  going “cold turkey” on your favorite morsels. That just makes life unbearable. But to keep in line with balanced eating, I try to watch the portions I take in. (Though this week doesn’t count! lol) I’ve also become wary of anything hydrogenated. But my vice remains to be the sugar-free soda. Diet soda is my biggest foe that, even at the gym, I have the habit of diluting it with water and chugging it like a Gatorade.

However, this entry is more about finding healthy alternatives, rather than counting vices. With that, I’d like to share some of my favorite snacks. *Note that this list is coming from a person who generally isn’t a health buff. I’m still a foodie through and through.

Pascual Yogurt

1. Pascual Yogurt

I can live on 1-yogurt-a-day as my snack for months! Luckily, I’m one of those people who adores yogurt in all its forms. I was introduced to it by my cousin when I was around 8 years old. We used to buy Nestle yogurt (that I, now, find a bit too sweet for my taste), eat it as is or pop the little containers in the freezer and enjoy our own version of rock-hard frozen yogurt. –The frozen yogurt fad was unheard-of back then.

In other Asian countries (China, Korea, etc.), the groceries have such a wide variety of dairy products. I get so excited when I see the displays of yogurt and cheese that I basically hoard. The highlight of the breakfast buffet is if they have yogurt. I’d consume 2 to 3 packs in one sitting, and let’s just say that my digestion gets on optimum function.

Here, I stick to Spain-produced Pascual Yogurt (with Desnatado (0% fat), Thick n’ Creamy, and low-fat variants). The size of the pack is big enough for me at 120g, while Hacienda Macalauan’s yogurt is at only 90g per pack. (–Delicious as that local brand is, I get hungry again way too fast.) And the price is close to Nestle, give or take a few pesos.

Can’t wait to try their Black Cherry flavor…

Watermelon, watermelon...

2. Frozen Fruit

I learned this from my grandma, who used to freeze papayas, grapes, and so on… She’d snack on them on a hot day and seemed perfectly happy at it.

Just now, I have finished a medium bowl of frozen watermelon. (Yes, I devoured the fruit in the picture.) It had the texture of Twin Popsies, which I also ate earlier today. Nice alternative, and frozen keeps all the juices in.

3. Home-baked Goodies

I looooove banana cake. And I love it even more that I make my own, so that I control how moist it is and what goes into the batter.

To anything I make, I usually reduce the sugar and avoid using margarine. I have yet to find a brownie or cookie recipe that I don’t find too sweet. But cakes are fun. And I make cupcakes too.

Other things I try to eat more of are oatmeal (I prefer rolled over instant), brown rice (it is different to white rice, but it’s bearable), salads, and wheat bread (though I get tired of having bread all the time). But I’m still out to find low-maintenance dishes that make me happy and keep the menu interesting.

Any suggestions?


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