The P150 Buffet


Passing by Magallanes one day to do an errand, I found myself face-to-face with a poster from Chef d’Angelo announcing a buffet that included most of their regular menu items. On that warm afternoon, I was feeling a bit peckish and decided to have me a well-deserved carbicide session.

Upon paying at the counter, I was given a plate and then proceeded to gorge out on pasta (white and red sauce, no meat), pizza (hawaiian, cheese, and another flavor), mushroom soup, and some salad.

The buffet food is basically the same thing you get when you order their combo meal items. And I didn’t see an offer for chicken-all-you-can, so no chicken for me.

Put a bit too much white sauce on my pasta, so I used the excess to top my pizza. Sort of like what they do in Sbarro when you order a slice of their deep dish variety. The red sauce has always felt spa-ketchup-y to me, but most of my friends find it less nakakaumay (tiring to the palate) than the white sauce.

Value for money-wise and considering that you usually pay around P150 for their combo meal, you get a good deal and a satisfactory variety of food. I didn’t feel like anything was over-seasoned (a trick which a lot of buffets employ to get you to stop eating or load up on rice).

The place is spacious. Comfortable enough to enjoy a meal and also clean. The branch is perfect for the Alphaland Tower’s call center agents who work in the same building. (True enough, the place started to fill up with call center dudes at around 6 pm.)

If you’re looking for an affordable pizza/pasta face-stuffing party, have a stop by. lol Food pictures are available on their website.

**BTW, their Trinoma branch has closed.


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