The McDo Mechanism: Monster-, Double-, -Duo, Overload-

McDonald’s has a way of making “new” products, without actually changing their menus all that much. In fact, other fast foods employ the same tactic as well. They’ll end up offering you upsizes or upgrades, but you can never expect a whole world of new choices awaiting you.

I went to McDo, Gateway, and saw the “new” offerings. Dessert upsizes.

McDesserts = Level Up!

It was irritating to see that the only way you could get a hot fudge + caramel sundae was at P40 a pop and at a bigger size… What if I don’t want to eat so much soft-serve?

When they were promoting the regular-sized caramel sundae a few years ago, my cousin would ask the cashiers if they could make us a cup of half-fudge-half-caramel sundae. They usually allowed it, until a time when a new policy was implemented that mixing was no longer allowed.

…And now they have decided to offer it as a premium product.

My Cup of Duo Sundae

At any rate, it was a hot day and I felt like ordering some dessert. For P40, I got a big cup of too-sweet syrupy sundae. The ice cream was a tad too soft, even for soft-serve standards. It was in a slightly foamy, half-melted state when I dug into it. I would’ve preferred the same big cup of sundae, only with half the syrups in it and, if possible, half the sugar on the ice cream base itself.

Since getting used to ordering cups of milk tea with only 50% sugar, my tolerance for sweetness has decidedly lowered. I don’t think a sundae is my go-to dessert anymore, but I will try their Oreo Overload McFlurry, since that’s been my favorite out of all the variations of soft-serve they have.


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