Chocolate Milk Made Easy

Being a member of productive society requires me to be up early in the mornings and struggle my way through the rest of the day, energy-wise. I try not to take coffee, as it seems to have the worst effect on my ulcer. So I survive on flavored milk drinks and the occasional glass of juice to get me up and about. –Mind you, I know it’s an awful habit to rely on sugar to keep me active, and I stay away from energy drinks at all costs.

The obvious (practical?) chocolate milk option would be Milo or Ovaltine, but I have had a bad experience with Milo. I prefer cold drinks and I use milk to dilute instead of water. The trouble is that Milo does not seem to dissolve in cold anything very well. All you get are globs of powder floating around pathetically in the cold water/milk.

I was terribly happy to discover Belle France Chocolate Milk Powder in Shopwise. Originally, it was Nesquik that I wanted to buy, but S&R sold it in such a big container at around P400+. Too much of a commitment for me. And it was still expensive in SM and Shopwise.

I actually thought it was Nesquik at first glance.

The sunny yellow packaging is similar in color to Nesquik’s but comes in 450g for around P140. 3 tablespoons of the powder goes into a glass of cold milk, then stirred for 10 seconds and you have yourself some cooperative chocolate milk. I love it! Mind you, it’s not the kind of chocolate milk where you get a the effect of smooth light brown liquid (like if you had used Hershey’s chocolate syrup to do the job). The milk is pigmented with some flecks of the choco powder, but isn’t globby and goes down smooth as a powder mixture gets.

When I’m in a big hurry, I pour some milk down a reusable water container and shake it up with some of the Belle France powder. That’s breakfast for a stressed-out culinary student. :p


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