Apologies are in Order

The goal of this blog was for me to write foodie stuff on a weekly basis as a personal writing exercise. Though the glory of being a professional blogger is tempting for a beginner such as myself, it is a must to remember that, more than anything, this has to remain my own little personal exercise. I do this for myself (my satisfaction, my joy), first and foremost.

However, when the motivation is quite self-centered, there is a tendency for things to get lax when one is not “in the mood”. I’ve neglected it for one month because of my silly sem break. The last few weeks were a flurry of activity that had me whisked off from one place to the next. And now I am back to home base, the dust settling and I find myself overwhelmed with all the things I want to write, but don’t even know how to begin.

For those who have been reading this blog: I am truly sorry for being inconsistent. I chide myself, knowing that my readers (I, myself, being the original audience in mind) deserve a certain level of discipline, come rain or shine.

My next entry is being written right now. It’s an adventure. Join me.




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