Hello, Baked Cheesecake!

Throughout the years, my cousins, Marianne and Elaine, have been my foremost guides to what food with quality should be like. Sure, it feels like it could get over-the-top sometimes, but they have a very straightforward vision of what quality without compromise is.

They used to diss the instant, no-bake cheesecake my parents would buy from the grocery, but with good reason. Since I’ve tasted real cheesecake, I’m not going back to the gelatin-based kind. In fact, I want to go as far as to experiment with different kinds of cheese. That stemmed from a trip to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and a friend’s impulse to try the Camembert Cheese Tart with Dark Cherry Filling. From the first bite, my friend Z and I went crazy over it. (Don’t think they still serve it. I haven’t seen it in a while.)

A couple of months ago, Dad got discount coupons for blueberry cheesecake (his favorite) at a certain dessert shop. The original price of said cheesecake was so expensive! And when we took it home, I was dismayed to find out that it was so obviously the gelatin kind because it melted all over the place. I immediately pointed out that the gelatin cheesecake was highly overpriced, and challenged myself to make a baked cheesecake that would, at least, come closer to being worthy of the insane price.

My recipe source was quite close to home. I basically used what I learned in school to create…

Good 'ol baked cheesecake.

The sides are a mess, as I have yet to figure out how to line the pan properly. I would say that it was successful enough on the first try. However, there is room for improvement when it comes to finding the creamier cream cheese. The same goes for the butter I use, for I made the mistake of grabbing the only thing that was there –margarine. Yuck!

What I liked about the recipe, though, was that the outcome was firm enough to hold up on its own. For that alone, I wouldn’t mind slow cooking it in a bain marie for over an hour.

I am already plotting my 2nd shot at making this cheesecake. Also, next up for me is the traditional Black Forest Cake… I wonder where I can score some decently priced black cherries.

So here’s to 2012 and, soon, more attempts on the dessert front.


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