The KFC Cheese Top Burger

KFC Philippines’ Streetwise Cheese Top Burger has been out in the market for a month or so. It’s a controversial product for very silly reasons. And if you’re not from around here or if you haven’t seen the commercials, the name alone will strike you as unusual. Thus, even Jimmy Kimmel had something to say about it:



For the record, it’s called “streetwise” because it’s part of a set of menu items being marketed as KFC Phils.’ on-a-budget range. Food items/meals are priced at around Php50.00  (roughly $1.25), so it typically attracts students and office workers.

It looks bad, admittedly, but I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt. Based on my experience, this particular fast food restaurant has a pretty stable menu. (I’d recommend the Kung Pao Chicken Rice Bowl and their Spaghetti.) And after all, half of the things I like now sounded outlandish, initially.

The Actual

My Cheese Top Burger came from the Trinoma branch. To be honest, Kimmel’s video made it look more appetizing. At least his version had gooey cheese on top. My cheese slice looked limp and dry. In general, it didn’t look appetizing.

The inside was no better

Forgive me for posting a photo of my bitten burger, but that’s what the chicken fillet looked like. If you ask me, it would’ve tasted much better had the cheese been on the inside. The chicken fillet had this greasy aftertaste that the mayo couldn’t hide, and it tastes different from the fried chicken you get in the bucket. With the cheese being dry from being heated atop the bun, it couldn’t even give off any creaminess.

I am sorry to say that this burger is definitely at the bottom of my KFC list. Food that looks funny can sometimes be saved by flavor, but that’s not the case here.



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