Call It Spring Rolls!

Taking a page from my recent trip to Vietnam, I decided to try and adapt the Saigonese food philosophy. They seem to have the healthiest staples to their diets, what with all those greens and herbs. It’s a health buff’s fantasy.

I’ve purchased spring roll wrappers and some lettuce, and I’ve been wrapping most anything in them for some quick and healthy snacks. I guess it makes me feel less guilty than if I had settled on a bowl of rice. (Doesn’t make much sense, I know, seeing as spring roll wrappers are made of rice… Humor me.)

Pork barbecue was prepared for today’s lunch, so I decided to get a little creative. Ta-dah!

Dinner is served

Easy-peasy! All it takes are some hydrated spring roll sheets, some well-seasoned pork barbecue, some fresh lettuce, and some special sauce. The secret is:

All hail the tasty sauce

I tell you, Peri-peri sauce is a great find! I got mine for PHP 75 from Peri-Peri Grillhouse in SM Megamall. It adds so much flavor to anything because of all the spices they mix in. This is coming from a “spice girl” who doesn’t use hot sauce for the heat alone. The explosion of flavor that comes from this bottle is not exaggerated. Plus, the Mild variety packs just the right punch.

Those on an I-Can’-Eat-Anything! diet may want to try this out. I read that chili is good for speeding up the metabolism. Here’s to hoping that it’s true…



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