KFC’s Baked Dishes — Try Them Now!

I’ve long since lost my faith in “quality” fast food. Besides Burger King (dee-effing-licious), there’s hardly ever a restaurant that really draws my attention. KFC was no different, especially because of the huge disappointment that was the Cheesetop Burger. –And then they came up with their BAKED menu offerings.

Baked Pasta: (L) Marinara, (R) Creamy Chicken

This particular variety features baked versions of pasta (around PHP 125) , supreme rice bowls (around PHP 135), and egg tarts. Both pasta and rice bowl can come with your choice of either marinara or creamy sauce.

Okay, so even if the plating is so-so, the ooey-gooey melted cheese on top looks inviting to cheese-lovers of all ages. And what’s more, the taste is actually pretty darn good. The firmness of the pasta is fast-food quality, but the sauces are well-seasoned. I’m talking about the herbs and spices bit here, and I think it matches KFC’s 11 herbs and spices distinction. And speaking of chicken, I got some tender, moist morsels in my order and I loved it!

The marinara sauce is zesty, while the creamy sauce is rich (as it should be). –A far cry from their runny, starchy Alfredo sauce. And the “homemade gourmet” taste is not lost on me.

Here the kicker: These products aren’t available (yet) in other KFC branches. I was told that they’re still in the market research stage. If you want to drop by for a taste, it’s available in their Shopwise, Araneta Center branch and in Market Market, Fort Bonifacio. The items are on the menu for a limited trial period only. If the market test flops, kiss these tasty treats goodbye.

It’s a carbfest for certain, but does the word “baked” lessen any of the guilt?… I guess that part’s up to you.




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