Vaniderm White Lotion

Visiting a Vaniderm-sponsored event ages ago, I was able to take home some swag. The “gift pack” contained moringga pills, lavender oil, and VCO body lotion. I only got to test the products recently, since I have so many other lotions stockpiled in my drawer.

Smooth Vaniderm lotion

For the record, I’m well-aware that Vaniderm’s main line of products are health supplements, but I’m just not enthusiastic about the stuff. No glutathione, thankyouverymuch. But I’m more than willing to try out a lotion that boasts olive, avocado, and grapeseed oils among its ingredients.

Vaniderm White VCO Body Lotion comes in a clear 200mL container with a simple twist-to-dispense pump. The thick, calamansi-scented (Philippine lime) liquid inside is a slightly translucent white that feels cool and pleasant to the skin. That is to say it’s neither too creamy nor too runny and gets absorbed well. I find the smell to be invigorating and light, so maybe others would think it better-suited for daytime use. Another factor to consider is the sun block component the lotion bottle is boasting, though it’s not indicated what SPF level it has.

I can’t vouch for its whitening abilities, since it’s not something I consciously watch out for. Moisturization-wise, though, this is a good lotion to keep skin feeling fresh and hydrated in an air-conditioned room. The scent is clean and fresh, so it’s a great after-shower product. If you’re looking for a non-sticky lotion formula, this is a good bet.


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