Tapsilog Centrale: 2013 Starts with Tapsilog

Happy New Year, everybody! My 2013 so far has been a cacophony of activity, but I’m happy for it. It’s always better to be active than idle, don’t you think? And at my first chance to write an entry this year, I’ve decided that it’s going to be about one of my favorite Filipino comfort foods: the Tapsilog.

For the uninitiated, the “something-silog” translates to something (a viand)+sinangag (garlic rice)+itlog (egg). Most common “somethings” are beef tapa (marinated beef in chunks or strips) and pork tocino (marinated in a sweet sauce; commonly pink in color), known as tapsilog and tocilog, respectively. It’s a versatile and inexpensive meal that can be eaten at any time of the day, comparable to Malaysia’s Nasi LemakTapsilogan (a roadside restaurant that specialize in -silog dishes) can be found everywhere in the city for all to enjoy with most of them being open 24/7.

My dad was feeling peckish last night, so we decided to stop by this place he was talking about that had Angus beef tapa as a premium option. We drove to Kamuning and parked in front of a small, open-air eatery that looked Pinoy homey with its dim lighting and red gingham-under-plastic table dressing. The place is called Tapsilog Centrale, and it apparently has a good following. All sorts of people come to eat, from taxi drivers and nearby residents to visitors who’ve intentionally trekked to its Q.C. location.

Tapsilog Centrale

I ordered a plate of their Hot and Spicy Angus Beef Tapsilog upon the recommendation of my Dad. Also available are the following Angus tapa marinades: Original, Korean, Tropical (their sweet blend), and Tropical Spicy. All orders of Angus beef are cooked in front of the dining area, while regular menu items are prepared in the back kitchen. Prices of the Angus Tapsilog range from PHP125-PHP150, depending on the marinade.

In all fairness, the place has  comprehensive menu for a simple roadside resto. In addition to all manner of –silog combinations, local and imported drinks (cans of Welch’s grape soda and bottle of Starbucks coffee to name a few), sausages, and desserts are offered.

Menu part 1

Menu part 2

Hot and Spicy was neither too hot nor too spicy. Bits of chili are mixed in with the beef, but nothing too extreme. It’s not too salty, but to me would definitely taste better with vinegar. Days later, I came back with a friend and ordered the Tropical marinade, which I ended up preferring over Hot and Spicy for its hint of sweetness.

Hot and Spicy

And for dessert? We tried The Dome and the Frozen Mango Brazo. Both are good. Rich chocolate mousse filling and a ganache coating over a cake dome makes for a delicious chocolate dessert. The baker didn’t skimp out on the chocolate, that’s for sure. The frozen brazo is available in banana or mango. It’s an enjoyable treat with all its yummy layers and light meringue top-off.

The Dome

For a late night food run, this place is a good choice. Just try not to come during the dinner rush as the seats and the parking spaces are easily filled. Oh, and they have free WiFi.

Tapsilog Centrale –  11th Jamboree St. cor. Kamuning Rd., Q.C.


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