Clean Air Act?

The outdoor areas of Eastwood City are death traps of pollution. Yeah, it sounds a little extreme, but it sure feels that way. Before the smokers of the Philippines hasten to defend their preference, I want to point out very clearly that I don’t really care whether or not a person smokes. WHERE they smoke, on the other hand, proves more of a concern.

I love Eastwood City. It’s a great late-night hangout with just about everything in it. Even during the mornings, it’s abuzz with activity. However, there is a HUGE failure in implementing rules on proper smoking areas. I’ve seen all the signs that indicate where to take cigarette breaks, but it’s so obvious that very few pay heed. This, of course, worsens on workdays. I’ve seen guys walking through crowded public areas while puffing away, completely oblivious to the people behind them who are subjected to their smoke clouds.

What ever happened to consideration for others?



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