Komoro Soba

I don’t find myself craving Japanese food often because it’s just not at the top of my foodie list. However, in the rare instances when I am in the mood for it, I prefer food that’s ready-to-eat. No, I’m not talking about just-add-hot-water noodles or tetra-packed preserves. I like cooked dishes or sushi, but not anything I have to grill myself. Hey, I seriously hate reeking of grease and smoke when I’m in my Sunday best. It feels like I have to run home and shower immediately after the meal.

By no means am I a snob. Off the top of my head, I can list Komoro Soba in SM Megamall as one of the places I’d visit in a snap of the fingers for reasonably-priced and delicious Japanese food. No kidding, their prices match your typical Japanese fast food, but what you get resembles yummy homemade goodness.

A Hole-in-One: Chicken Teriyaki Don Buri (Rice Bowl)

I discovered this resto through M, who frequently gets the egg-topped Katsu Don (breaded pork chop rice bowl; PHP 92) and a side order of Gyoza (PHP 76+ for 5 pcs). Not being much for pork, I stuck to the Kuwayaki Don (Chicken Teriyaki rice bowl; also PHP 92), which I immediately fell in love with. The teriyaki sauce is a little sweet and goes fantastically with their slightly sticky rice, while the portions of chicken have already been deboned–a great pleasure as I hate having to himay (debone) anything if I can’t do it the old-school way (i.e. eating by hand).

Cold Soba

In another visit, I’ve tried their refreshing cold Ebi Soba (Buckwheat Soba with Tempura at PHP 116; or PHP 170 for a set meal with a small version of the Katsu Don),  Age Tofu (PHP 39 for 2 big cubes of tofu), Miso Soup (PHP 25), and Kani Salad (PHP 74). The tofu is mild on the tummy because it isn’t swimming in sauce or ground meat, while the salad seemed like the most unreasonably-priced menu item for a very simple and slightly-chilled preparation of kani strips, cucumber slices, and a dollop of Japanese mayo. The sodas are at PHP 38 per can.

Kani Salad in the most simplistic sense

All in all, I can say that I haven’t ordered anything that I didn’t like. The only problem I encountered the last time I was there was they ran out of Ebi Tempura and Sushi. If you’re with people who prefer authentic cooked Japanese food at budget prices, come visit Komoro Soba.

Komoro Soba – Building A, SM Megamall. When you see the new SM supermarket, turn right into the area with Roti Mum and Almon Marina. Walk straight and you’ll see it on your right.


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