Putti in My Hands: Aido Eye Putti

The occurrence of the one wonky, uneven eyelid crease is something that bothers me endlessly. I did’t always have it, but I’m guessing my nights of staying up caused my one occasional monolid to become a permanent fixture I’ve tried to hide it with contouring eyeshadows and nobody seems to notice, but then I still know it’s there. Argh.

I remembered that one of my high school friends was an avid user of Aido Eye Putti (PHP 140) for correcting the notoriously annoying single monolid. She gave generally positive reviews for it, so I decided to take my chances.

Aido Eye Putti box

The box contains the putti and a small plastic fork for prodding the lid into place. Instructions are simple: On a clean/freshly-washed, dry eyelid (before you put on any beauty product, except for toner), brush on a light layer of adhesive where you want the fold to be. Use the ends of the plastic fork to lightly push the adhesive-dampened area in to create a new fold. If you have sensitive eyelids that easily hurt from the ministrations of the fork, use clean fingers to pull and shape instead.

Plastic fork included

Don’t be shocked, but this formula looks like a wetter version of Elmer’s Glue. Heck, it even smells like it.

Eye Putti dries clear and stays on for a long time, but try not to get sweat on the lids as a milky white film tends to form. It’s fine to put on eye makeup after it has fully dried, but I take some extra care with my brushstrokes. So far, I haven’t experienced the adhesive wearing off before I’ve decided to wash my face. A very good sign.

(L) Before, (R) After

A word to the wise: Make sure to clean your plastic fork with soap and water before and after every application. Extra-sticky putti residue can remain on the fork and gather dust. You can never be too careful with your eye area.


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