Sample Room Goodies, Part 2

Aaah, finally, the chance to write about another Sample Room haul! Since the last time I got some goods there, I didn’t think I’d ever catch items in-stock again, seeing as there’s always such a flurry of purchases happening on that site at any given time. Products are often gone faster than you can say “Cebu Pacific Seat Sale,” so imagine my delight when I stumbled upon available stocks of Celeteque Hydration Spray and Nivea for men Cooling Volcanic Mud Foam.

The package arrived (literally) warm and a little rumpled.

I tried to get Nivea’s SUN Protect sunscreen spray or Nivea Body whitening serum to no avail, so these items were my second choice. Still, what I got was pretty cool. No regrets.

Spray Bottle

My bottle of Celeteque Hydration Spray was at a full-size 120mL, worth PHP 349. For a glorified bottle of “mineral water”, that’s expensive, but the ingredients seek to justify the price. Sodium hyaluronate and hyaluronic acid are known in the cosmetic world as agents for hydration. Thus, the extra ingredients make it a legit moisturizing spray rather than just a fancy spray bottle of mineral water.


I’ve been using the product for a couple of days now, and the results are good. There’s no major shift in the suppleness of my skin, but it feels refreshing and I’m comforted by the idea of building up my skincare regimen. I like that it works as a setting spray just as much as it functions as a moisturizing fluid. Pretty glad it’s non-aerosol, so the mist isn’t too fine that I inhale it. And while the label instructs one to spritz away on a pre-made up/bare face and “tap dry with a soft cloth,”  I’d rather just let it air dry. No fuss.

Dare I say, this moisturizing formula was invented for the lazy. No time to slather on cream? Hate the texture of cream or gel? This may be the alternative for you. Personally, however, I’d recommend this as an additional moisturizing solution rather than as an end-all moisturizer. You can never have enough hydration, yes?

As I wrote in my Sample Room review:

I can imagine the optimum use of this mist for several occasions/reasons: hot summers, cool/dry “-ber” months, travels to other countries (where the skin has to adjust to different climates), and people with dry skin type. That said, it’s not exactly at the top of my must-have items, but it’s good to have around when you need a little boost.

Tip: Practice your aim. I accidentally sprayed a little too near the eye area and it stung!

Face wash

As for the Nivea Cooling Volcanic Mudfoam, well, I gave it to my dad, but not before giving it a try. Again, I was able to get it at full-size, 50g with a retail value of PHP 79. There’s also a bigger one for sale at 100g for PHP 139. As promised, my face felt the cooling effect after washing. The scent is masculine but mild and refreshing. There’s no bubbly lather, regardless of how much is applied, but the oil control is in full effect. I’d even consider buying this for myself. Really.

Not a bad haul, huh?


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