Bench Paint Box Lip Gloss in Icy Peach

My latest obsession is the nude lip. I’ve always been okay with a light, shimmery pink to go with a smoky eye, but all that has changed. It’s mainly the Kardashians’ fault for launching their Khroma Beauty line, which I haven’t stopped obsessing over since I first saw the products on their show. My wish list includes Kourtney’s Kardazzle Palette (excuse the “korny” name) and the Au Naturel Nude Lip Set (lip liner, lipstick, and lip gloss included). Coupled with the sad fact that the cosmetic brand has not yet reached Philippine shores, I’ve been on the lookout for good alternatives.

Clockwise from top: Khroma Au Naturel Nude Lip Set, Kourtney’s Kardazzle Palette, Nyx Xtreme Lip Creme in Natural

I’ve had Nyx Extreme Lip Cream in Natural (PHP 240 – 280 at Digital Traincase) on my “Nude List,” but I’ve decided to hold out a little longer because I saw Bench’s Paint Box lip gloss in Icy Peach (PHP 148). Hey, it was almost PHP 100 cheaper, so I just had to try it out. Here are the other reasons I was drawn to it:

First, they’ve changed the packaging, thank goodness! From their tacky-looking transparent, round tube and lid to a more sophisticated shiny opaque black lid, there looks to be an improvement in the presentation department. Second, the color selection wasn’t half bad. There were grown-up reds and browns, a fun-looking plum, and some pretty pinks. Third, I was immediately won over by the scent. The tube I bought smelled of vanilla and marshmallows, which is what I love about MAC lipsticks and Bloom vanilla lip balm.

Life’s a Peach: Paint Box Lip Gloss in Icy Peach

Ingredients; Fun Fact: Made in Italy

Come to think of it, the shades brought to mind Givenchy’s Gloss Interdit (yes, the colors look kinda fancy that way), while the packaging looked like MeMeMe’s Light Me Up Lipgloss (but without the light). The main difference is in the applicator. Bench and MeMeMe have sponge tips, while Givenchy has a small lip brush.

“Sosy” like Givenchy

Like an unlit tube of MeMeMe

For the record, don’t ever mistake Paint Box for anything that resembles liquid lip color. Coverage-wise, it comes on really sheer and light. It’s gloss, after all. Definitely a far cry from the pigmentation of Nyx Xtreme Lip Creme, a liquid lipstick with some sheen. The shade I got, Icy Peach, is a Peach Beige with fine shimmer.

Because the formula is light, the gloss isn’t icky sticky. It doesn’t have much staying power, but lips won’t look weird if touch-ups aren’t done immediately. I did notice that the formula causes dryness, so lip balm underneath is a must.

Testing, testing

Nyx still remains on my Wish List, because it’s both lipstick and gloss rolled into one. And that’s exactly what I need. However, If you already have a nude lipstick and would like to finish it off with a nice, natural sheen, or maybe you don’t like heavy glosses, then Paint Box is a-okay.

Total Rating: 4/5 – Looks pretty, smells pretty, not sticky. Unfortunately, drying.

*Photos: Givenchy taken from Sephora site. MeMeMe and Khroma taken from their respective official sites.


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