Giddy for Big Scoop Ice Cream

Hot summer weather seems to be persisting into May, so regular ice cream runs are still crucial to sanity. Thank the lucky stars above that we partook in a promotion by Big Scoop Ice Cream Parlor. Our summer savior came in the form of Ensogo vouchers offering 9 scoops of ice cream for only PHP 100 (valued at PHP 200), aptly called The Mount Everest. My super excited ice cream fan dad quickly got 3 vouchers.

Our custom 9-scoop Mount Everest featuring flavors like (from top to bottom, left to right): Banana Nut, Orange, Langka, Dark Chocolate, Midnight Cookies & Cream, and Avocado

To my knowledge, Big Scoop has but one main branch located along N. Domingo. (several blocks past Savory Chicken when you’re coming from the Robinson’s Magnolia area). We’ve already been there before, and I always leave happy. They have the best ice cream flavors. It doesn’t hurt that the prices are really reasonable. Every time we visit, we end up buying a gallon or half-gallon of ice cream to take home.

Tables reminiscent of the good old ice cream parlor

My favorite flavors are Green Tea, Dark Chocolate, and Mocha. All of which have flavors that are true to their names. Mom prefers their Avocado, Sweet Corn, and Midnight Cookies & Cream. They’ve also got Bubble Gum with Mallows, which I sometimes crave because it reminds me of an ice cream cone from “Tivoli?/Coney Island?” that had an actual gumball at the very bottom. (It’s a 90’s thing.)

Delightful “Dark Chocolate”

How I wish they had another branch closer to home, but for the meantime I’m still looking forward to the next N. Domingo ice cream run. With a collection of special flavors that are not usually found in grocery store ice cream brands, Big Scoop easily endears budget-conscious ice cream aficionados into its icy, sweet embrace.


*Photo Credit: Photo of booth seating from Big Scoop FB page.


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