Free Comic Book Day 2013

It’s fabulous to wake up early on special weekends to do a random bonding activity with your significant other. Try it. It’s great.

Last Saturday, a sleepy M and I woke up at some ungodly hour to get ourselves ready for FCBD (Free Comic Book Day) 2013. It’s a geek convention, and I mean that in a positive way. Every year, hundreds of comic book fans line up in various Fully Booked branches to get up to 3 free comics. (Well, 3 if you go to Fort Bonifacio. Everywhere else only gives out 1.) It’s a promotional move from the comic book companies to get “non-believers” started on the addiction and also a way to thank their loyal customers for continued patronage. Let’s face it, your favorite childhood comic given to you for free sounds like nostalgia on ice.

FCBD Poster

As is customary in Manila, there was a nefarious line on the Southbound MRT platforms because of train delays. I was packed into the “Lady Train” tighter than a sardine. (Think sweat and loose strands of hair clinging to your skin from some lady you don’t know. Try not to vomit.) What’s worse, I got to the venue late. It was past 8 am when we finally reached Fully Booked, Fort Bonifacio. By then, there was a line that literally went around the building.

A crowd of kids, teens, and adults

It wasn’t so bad. We got in line and waited for about an hour, but at least it was early enough that the sun didn’t beat down on us. Fully Booked staff started accommodating people before 10 am, so we were on the way to an IHOP brunch by 11. Behold, my stash:

3 comics + free gift pack to early birds

While I don’t expect to become a regular at these events, I had a lot of fun and thought it was well worth the waiting time. Just look at all the comic books I got to take home. There were even some Pinoy comic artists signing away on free copies of Ang Pilipino Komiks sa Kasalukuyan. And really, what better way to catch up on some quality talking than to be stuck in a line with M. 🙂


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