BBQ Chicken: Chicken & Beer

As many of my friends know, I’m not much into beer but I am a huge chicken eater, so it’s not completely out of character that I found myself at BBQ Chicken, Eastwood City. I’ve passed by this establishment many times while I was still an active member of Fitness First (teehee!), but now was the time to finally come in and try.

Here, they promote the beer

A little background info: BBQ Chicken is a worldwide chain that specializes in Korean-style spicy chicken, but they also have Western-style food in the menu.


The biggest “issue” I can think of is the location of the restaurant. While It is smack in the middle of the outdoor activity area (where all the bazaars are held), you have to climb a set of stairs to get there. That basically makes it not-so-friendly to the senior citizens or the disabled. The view, however, is good.

You can dine inside or outside

We started with a 6-piece chicken platter with two different sauces, Yang Nyum (sweet and spicy) and Honey Chicken. I find spicy Korean food so breathtakingly hot that this is more than enough for me. No crushed chilies please!

6-piece combination

I always say that cream sauce pasta is hit or miss. This one happens to be a hit, but it could do with a little more salt. It’s a simple dish, but you can easily taste the good quality of the cream.

Cream Chicken Pasta

Dad had the Grilled Chicken Bulgalbi Set, which is their rendition of chicken barbecue. Dad loves his chicken barbeque. The side salad was absolutely plain.

Grilled Chicken Bulgalbi Set

Lastly, we ordered Smoked Chicken Pizza. It had a thin but bread-like crust vs. the traditional crispy thin crust. There was an ample amount of smoked chicken. Very satisfying.

Smoked Chicken Pizza

The ambiance was nice and quiet for our Sunday night dinner. No rowdy beer drinkers, so it could be an ideal date place. The chicken alone is enough to come back for more. Expect to spend PHP 1,000 – 1,500 for 3 people.


BBQ Chicken – Eastwood City, Libis


One thought on “BBQ Chicken: Chicken & Beer

  1. watch out for delivery man of san miguel beer. pag kukuha ng empty case yan at wlang bantay eh kukuha ng me full goods yan. concern lng po . report sa ahente pag nahuli pra mapalitan.. pls dont give my email add

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