Cookie Butter Craze is Overrated

Finally, I was able to personally experience the “Cookie Butter Fever.” While walking past the Gonuts Donuts store window for the nth time this month, I was able to persuade myself to drop PHP 36 on a Cookie Butter Donut.

Cookie Butter Donut

The verdict? Cookie Butter is 100% what its name makes you think of. Basically peanut butter, but with crushed shortbread cookies instead of, well, peanuts. Throw in there some spices for some European flare, and there have it. That said, I’m not sure I understand the big Philippine reaction to this spread. From what I’ve tasted, Almond Butter surely trumps Cookie Butter. Heck, good ol’ Peanut Butter (with nicely roasted nuts) trumps Cookie Butter. Don’t even get me started on Nutella.

I hardly think that I’ll soon be begging to have Cookie Butter Ice Cream/Cake/Cupcake. At this point, I’m simply awaiting the next big ingredient fad that’ll come along.


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