RUB Ribs & BBQ

Ever the Quezon City restaurant fanatics, we’ve found yet another  (literally) small establishment with a BIG following. RUB can be found in the Tomas Morato area, tucked away in one of the more obscure sides streets. It would’ve been easy to miss, except for the perpetual sight of a crowd waiting outside for tables. We braved the wait list and sat on monoblock chairs outside the tiny 2-storey restaurant.

Rub is tiny with 2 floors

Patrons were the Teacher’s Village type. You know, foodies who are very much updated on the “indie” resto scene or college student types. Customers who aren’t afraid to position themselves into cramped spaces for good fare.

First Floor and kitchen

If you’re the claustrophobic type, then this restaurant may not be for you. Because of the small space, tables and chairs are positioned so close together that you can’t help but overhear the conversations of everyone around you. Save the dirty laundry for your post-dinner Starbucks run.

1st floor table

For such a small space, the menu had a fairly sizable selection.:

Menu Cover

All about RIBS

And when you want something else…

And a little something to nibble…

We always get the Family Brunch (PHP 685). Big enough for 4 people, the package consists of ribs (usually 2 slabs; slab size is according to weight) and 3 sides. For garlic lovers, you simply MUST get the Roasted Garlic Mashed Potato. It’s rustic-style with the skin mashed into the mixture, but the flavor is splendid. For potato lovers, the Bacon and Potato Salad also goes well with the ribs. The parentals had to order the Sprice (their take on Java Rice) as their additional side (PHP 65 per order), simply because they can’t function without rice. The other sides were okay.

Ribs and 3 sides

By the way, they got the ribs just right. The meat easily comes off the bone. Smeared with sauce, you’ve got yourself a burp-worthy meal.

Mac n’ Cheese

I can have mac n’ cheese anytime, anywhere, so I had to insist on ordering a bowl. Nothing amazing though.

We shared a pitcher of iced tea that was, again, good for 4 at just over PHP 100. Noteworthy mention is their deep fried Oreo dessert. While I haven’t tried it in Rub yet, I’ve eaten enough elsewhere to know that  it’s a very sinful must-try.

If you’re a rib person, this joint is considerably cheaper than the ribs places found in malls. Because of the high traffic, the service staff can be a bit scatterbrained. You may have to call their attention repeatedly to request for water, tissues, and other minor orders. Other than that, it’s a-okay. We’ve already been here twice and counting, so you know I’m a fan.


RUB —   64 Scout Rallos, Quezon City



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