Sassy Nail Polish in African Plum

Cheapo polish is perfect for me, because I’m the type to only wear nail polish for the two days of the weekend. The rest of the time, I’m happy to see short, neat nails that don’t encumber my typing. I love Sassy (PHP 19 at Watsons), a local brand, for their inexpensive mini bottles.

Sassy’s African Plum

Mini is champion! I pick a color and stick to it for an entire season. After that, I seldom ever use it again. Just when I’m about to finish the tiny bottle, I get tired of it. Clean, cheap break.

For 2013, I have not been on the neon nails bandwagon. I’ve always preferred dark or simple colors that are more suitable for use all year round. My pick of the moment is Sassy’s African Plum. It’s a rich red-based purple that looks so put-together. Think a deep grape color. If you’re a fan of Pussy Red nail polish (I’m not joking, this clotted blood color has been around forever, name and all), then this is the plum version of that.

3 coats and a couple of days later…

Now onto the quality. A freshly opened bottle of polish is the best to use, of course. The consistency is thin that you can do several coatings to optimum opaque  effect. I usually do 3 coats for a vibrant deep plum, and 4 for a darker, wine-like shade. Naturally, the more use this bottle sees, the more it starts to dry out and get thicker. As I write this post, I have used this particular bottle 3 times, each time I did both a manicure and a pedicure. It’s gotten a bit more viscous so each coating has also gotten thicker, but still dries nicely.

As for lasting power, I have to mention that I skipped both base and top coats for all 3 times. Like I said, I don’t wear it long enough to make a priority out of its staying power. Since I very frequently wash my hands and use my nails, chipping starts at about 2-3 days in.

If your nail polish habits are same as mine, the value-for-money is unbeatable. I already have 2 colors of Sassy at home. (Perhaps I’ll review the other bottle next time.)


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