Body Wash = Bath Foam

For the last few Christmases, I’ve been receiving bottle after bottle (or tube after tube) of bath products. It works out great because I love body wash and lotion. Incidentally, I got into the habit of using body wash instead of soap a few years ago when someone gifted me with a bath set. At least, nothing goes to waste.

Possibly half-a-year’s supply?

I was going through my bath products today, trying to arrange things in FIFO (First In, First Out) order when I stumbled upon some of the older bath sets I’ve kept for some time now. The reason I haven’t cracked them open is because they are full sets of body wash, lotion, foam bath, cologne, and bath fizzies. While I love using matching products, I didn’t know what to do with the fizzies and foam baths. I’m not one to soak in the tub, you see.

After carefully pondering, if I should just use the foam baths as a body wash, I decided to check the label to see if the two were similar. Lo and behold, foam baths and body washes are almost identical ingredients-wise. I just always thought that foam baths were more harsh because they’re needed to bubble up the tub water.

Same—with the exception of glycol distearate, an emollient found in plenty of moisturizers

Exact, same thing

YAY! I just learned that tidbit today. Now I only have to think of what to do with the freaking bath fizzies…


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