Have Dropper, Will Travel

Because no one ever wants to lug around heavy baggage while traveling, I’m teaching myself to pack light. I’ve read lots of packing tips throughout the years. The ones I remember are:

  1. Fold clothes instead of rolling them up. Folded garments take up less space because they compress better into each other.
  2. Bring only 1 pair of jeans. Wear another pair to the airport.
  3. Whip out the multipurpose beauty products, so you won’t have to bring one of each kind. (e.g. 3-in-1 lip, cheek, and eye color)

In response to number 2, I don’t much like re-wearing anything, so I’d rather bring lots of leggings because the fabric is practically weightless. That’s why I tend to plan my outfits according to the leggings.

As for point number 3, I hardly ever follow this because I get excited and end up packing most of the full-size beauty products anyway. Almost always, I end up regretting it. Like I said, the intention was to pack light, so I’ve been trying to reign it in by going for mini-containers. I found these travel droppers that I went gaga for in Daiso, Busan. For W 1,000 (PHP 38.oo) each for both big and small sizes, these glass vials with droppers are such a good deal!

10mL and 5mL droppers are a steal

I bought a 100ml pump bottle of argan oil some months back and I’ve been trying to figure out a way to have it with me while I’m traveling. The tiny 5ml dropper is perfect because a little bit of oil already goes a long way. 5ml is good for over two weeks of use, and I can even have it with me in my carry-on purse.

Big bottle, small vial

Creams are a slightly different story, so I typically bring free samples when traveling or I transfer contents of the full-sized tubs/jars into old eye cream jars. By the way, eye cream jars are also great for busted eye shadow. Due to some rough handling, my eye shadow cracked and turned into dust. Instead of throwing it out, I turned it into pigment. Voila!


I love packing less-is-more essentials. It’s just a matter of remembering to practice what I preach the next time I have to get a piece of luggage filled. Lol.


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