I have moods. When I feel like eating hot and spicy, there’s nothing that can stop me from rushing over to New Bombay in Glorietta for my Mutton Curry fix (with extra chili powder, please). Though I am scarcely in the mood for Mexican or Tex-Mex, I’d gladly make an exception for Silantro in Kapitolyo.

Twas a dark, rainy night the first time I was there

A self-proclaimed “Fil-Mex Cantina,” Silantro has indoor and outdoor seating in a small casual dining establishment. Eating is done in picnic bench-style tables and chairs. Upon entering, diners are greeted by the cashier’s counter beside a display cabinet that gives an idea of what their Lucha Tacos contain.  Here’s a peek at their menu.


If you had to order only one appetizer, please make it Silantro’s Quesadillas (PHP145). Gooey, salty melted cheese barely contained in a tortilla with french fries on top. Perfect for sharing between two people, it’s a hot, cheesy mess—I mean that in a good way. See for yourself:

Tastes as good as it looks, seriously

Once you’ve tried the quesadilla, you can go ahead and order first runner-up, the Beef Nachos (PHP160):


When you’re ready for entrees, get a load of Silantro’s Burrito (PHP160). If you’re by yourself, this is enough to stuff you. No appetizers. Just this. We had it “Samurai X-ed” into 3 slices for tasting. They have 2 sauces that come with the burrito: One is a garlic white sauce (kind of like Shawarma sauce), while the other is cilantro herb-flavored.

Silantro’s Burrito

If you’re a hard-core carnivore much like myself, Mexican Rib-Eye (PHP560) is for you. It’s tender and cooked to perfection, if you let them decide on the doneness. The gravy is delicious and it comes with rice. Again, ideal for two.

Mexican Rib-Eye

Next up is Silantro’s Paella Fajita Mix (PHP250). It has bits of squid and comes with tortilla wrappers. I like to add the burrito sauce to this in addition to the squirt of lemon because I just love sauce. Tee hee.

Silantro’s Paella Fajita Mix

Tortilla Wrappers

If you’re looking for a light and healthy snack, I’d recommend the Lucha Tacos (ranging from PHP65 to PHP100, depending on how many kinds of meat you want in there).The shredded greens were fresh and plenty. By default, it’s a soft taco, but you can request for the hard shell. Personally, I dig the soft taco though.

Lucha Taco: No matter what you do, it’s going to be messy to eat, so don’t order this on a date…

I’d love to come back to Silantro again and again. It’s comfort food made better with very attentive staff and reasonable prices. Bring people with you because the food is best shared, so that you can try out more items. I’d give this place a 5/5 rating. So worth the calories…

Silantro = 75 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City, 1603 Pasig


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