Zenutrients Baby Love Calendula and Milk Soap

Ever the Sample Room loyalist, I keep blowing my money on their great stuff. No worries though, since the samples I get are often awesome and full-sized. Today, I’d like to talk about Zenutrients Baby Love Calendula and Milk Soap (PHP 178.00/150g bar).

Sorry about the shape; the soap suffered a bad fall from my dresser 😦

Note that the scent is a little creamy, like coconut oil. Nothing too strong, but it may or may not be your cup of tea.


  • Creates a healthy lather. One light swipe of damp hands was enough to wash my face with. Because of that, you can be very thrifty with this soap.
  • I know this may have been intended for the body, but I used it on the face just to test the mildness. Compared with other bar soaps, this didn’t leave my face feeling as tight or dry, nor did it break me out. My skin didn’t quickly re-grease either.


  • If you’re used to Safeguard and other drugstore soap, PHP 178 for 150 g isn’t cheap. But it is pleasantly mild as far as bar soap goes and lasts a long time if you swipe-lather-rub with hands instead of rubbing the bar directly on the skin, so this is a bit of a splurge that can perhaps be justified.



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