Gluta-C Intense Whitening: Whitening Toner

I’m relatively new to using toner. Of all the bathroom beauty products there is, toner is something I’ve never gotten a great interest for because I’ve only needed it for the occasional breakout. I’ve always stuck to one or two brands that have worked okay, and that was that. (By the way, those brands are Eskinol and Clinique.)

In the last coupe of months, I’ve been having some late nights that have resulted in long-staying breakouts my usual moisturizers just can’t fix. Yes, it was finally time to take this toner business a little more seriously, so here’s what I got to fix my problem:

Gluta-C Intense Whitening Whitening Toner (paulit-ulit? paulit-ulit?) comes in a 100mL transparent bottle and costs PHP99.75. If you ask me, that’s a really good price to pay. Eskinol is cheaper, but this is alcohol-free and has the fancy whitening ingredient (i.e. glutathione). Price justified.


I only use this at night before going to bed because I use a hydrating mist in the daytime. It’s been two weeks, and the results are… fairly nice. It has a refreshingly cool feeling, but doesn’t sting. I wouldn’t say this is the best for shrinking or drying out zits because that slot is reserved for Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion 2. Instead, think of this as preventive maintenance. If you start off with clear-ish skin, at least it’ll help it stay that way.

On the other hand, what I hate about this product is the formula’s color. The bottle is clear, while the liquid inside is orange. I’m well-aware that it’s supposed to be a visual cue emphasizing the vitamin C content and all, but it’s completely unnecessary for the skin—just a colorant, after all. (Plus, some curious part of us would like to see how much of the impurities rub off onto the cotton ball. It’s harder to examine if the cotton has turned orange.)

If I had to give Gluta-C toner a rating, I’d go for 4/5, with the 1 point reduction due to the color. I used to be wary of brands that specialize in glutathione, just because I thought beauty companies were cashing in on the trend in a fraudulent way and overcharging in the process. An affordable item like this is not so bad, but just reign in your expectations with the glutathione content. Anyway, it has good value-for-money.


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