Pan De Amerikana, Marikina

Quirky places are the best. Every time you come to visit, it feels like there’s always something new to see and experience. One such place is Pan De Amerikana, found all the way over in Marikina.  They also have a branch in Katipunan, but I think this is the original.

The Exterior

With the cute windmill and the Baguio cottage look, this wouldn’t have been out of place in Solvang, California. When you enter, it’s just as adorable inside as it is outside. The main counter and bakeshop opens up to a wide, non-airconditioned dining area with cafe chairs and somewhat mismatched wood-topped tables. Framed black-and-white photos of old (and not-so-old, but not-so-young either) Pinoy movie stars fill up one of the walls. A giant chessboard can be found deep inside the venue, so you can play your own version of Wizard Chess. There’s a small pond and lots of plants inside, so you get the feeling you’re eating at an indoor garden of sorts. Very hipster-friendly. Of course, flies are your main problem in a place like this.

Stars on the wall

We sat down to a late lunch at around 1pm, so we were starving and in a hurry by then. The food is lutong-bahay and inexpensive, with most of the dishes below PHP100. Drinks are below PHP50. I ordered a plate of baked macaroni (PHP70 or PHP75), while Dad had spaghetti (PHP40). Mom, the exclusive rice-eater, had adobo with rice that she attacked immediately before I could snap a decent picture. Everyone had Kalabasa Soup (PHP40).

The Kalabasa Soup, though now particularly creamy, maintained the natural sweetness of the squash. Yummy and safe for dieters.

The battered adobo rice

The Baked Macaroni had a proper cheesy bechamel topping, while the spaghetti was simple and seemed to be meatless

The meal was washed down with brewed coffee (PHP 30) and a dessert of halo halo.

Wasn’t in the mood for steaming hot coffee, so I asked for a glass with ice and proceeded to make an iced cafe americano. At this point, the ice had already melted

Before we went home, we picked up a bag of whole wheat pan de sal (PHP60 for 10 pcs.) and a plastic jar of peanut butter (PHP 60). Their pan de sal is huge, soft, and chewy which I prefer to crunchy-crusted ones, while the peanut butter was too sweet,oily, and runny for my taste. I like creamy peanut butter, but this one is downright runny.

So big, you’ll stop at one

Their menu also includes Marikina favorites such as Waknatoy (described by the waiter as sort of a menudo with pickles) and Everlasting (a form of embutido).

Methinks it’s best to drop by this restaurant for breakfast or mirienda (afternoon snack) because of the menu items they have. Those times are best for lounging around and enjoying the relaxed ambiance.

Pan De Amerikana = #92 General Ordoñez Corner Maroon St. Marikina Heights, 1800 Marikina City


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