Behind The Scenes: Issue 2

When work for the latest issue of Inspirations for Weddings begins, I get into full wedding mode. I write articles, conduct interviews, and assist at shoots, so I often find myself in places I’ve never been to, talking to very interesting people. It goes without saying that I learn a lot on the job and have a lot of fun as well. It definitely doesn’t hurt that I’m a girly wedding enthusiast. (Such a thing exists.)

At times, there are some long hours spent on-location, but I honestly find the work engaging. Yes, I still think it’s very cool. (Fan girl.) After all, back in high school, I had this dream of working in a magazine. I didn’t really picture what sort of magazine I’d get involved in, though a food publication became the default choice when I started in culinary college. As with life, one thing leads to another, so an internship for a food magazine at a local publishing house led me to this current project that I’m very proud to be part of. This is the latest issue’s cover:

Love This to Bits: Real-life couple, Bruna & Anderson, radiate chemistry on the cover and in our editorial feature

I’m constantly snapping behind-the-scenes photos because it’s so very meta (photographing a photographer who’s photographing), and I have a great love for working in the background (seriously). To give you an idea of what I’ve been up to, I’m sharing some of my behind-the-scenes pictures here:

Photoshoot at Solaire; Our Prep Room TV: Talk about personalized service…


Amazing Lobby: The chandeliers are a work of art

Who doesn’t love a good bouquet?

Shooting Jewelry—Beautiful Bling


Styling one of the models

If you’re planning a wedding—for yourself or for others—do grab a copy of Inspirations. Without bias, I can tell you that we have great content. I spent a lot of time leafing through local wedding magazines during my stint as assistant to my cousin, the wedding cake maker. (It’s what got me enthusiastic about weddings in the first place!) What we have is different, in a good way: It’s a marriage of idea-sparking photos and meaty content that we think readers will find as much informative as it is inspiring. We had that as a priority when we started, and we still had that in mind as we closed this issue. We hope you have as much fun reading as we did creating. 🙂

Themes & Motifs’ INSPIRATIONS for Weddings Magazine is available in National Bookstore, Themes & Motifs, and SMX Convention Center during Wedding Expo Philippines (Sept. 21 & 22, 2013).


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