Solaire: The Gamechanger

I may have been there for business, but I was looking around like a tourist! Solaire Resort & Casino is definitely something else. In fact, it distinctly reminds me of the big hotels in Macau because of the unabashed luxury factor. I found myself taking plenty of pictures, and so did the other members of our team. If you haven’t been to Solaire, let me give you a small tour through my photos. 🙂

The porte cochere is located at the far end of the hotel. It’s the side right by the bay. From this angle, you could easily mistake this for a luxury resort in Singapore.

Porte Cochere

Solaire Grand Ballroom is CAVERNOUS. No exaggeration.

Grand Ballroom

Inside, the light control panel is touch screen, while crystal beads adorn portions of the walls.

Crystal beads

Everywhere you look in this hotel, you’ll see epic chandeliers. It’s an interior designer’s delight.

Drop chandeliers at every turn

Chandelier 2

Chandelier 3

Food Court Light Fixture

The restrooms are beautifully designed, with some very interesting details like faux white leather wallpaper and:

A Shoeshine Station

A funny tampon machine that looks like a robot’s face

Main guest areas never run out of enormous floral arrangements. First time I was there, I saw colorful hydrangeas. Then it was lilies.

Towering Floral Arrangements

The aptly named Bay Suites has a stunning view. Heck, the curtains are even automatic that they open and close at the touch of a button.

Bay Suite

The pool area can only be accessed by guests. You have to pass through several hotel rooms to get to a walkway to get to a scenic elevator to, finally, ride down to the pool.

I-shaped Pool

The whole time I was there, there was always some random guy with a DSLR shooting away at anything and everything. Gotta admit that this property’s visual aspect is enough to keep anyone entertained for hours on end.


Solaire Resort and Casino = 1 Asean Avenue, Entertainment City, Tambo, Paranaque City, Philippines


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