A Hairy Mess Part 1

Of all the parts of me I make sure to moisturize/hydrate, the most neglected one has got to be my hair. Ask my friends and they’ll tell you that I’ve always had the crazy hair. So much so that I simply gave up on it and stuck to a perpetual ponytail for the last few years. This year, I decided to give it  another shot. Maybe there exists an enchanted formula that can tame the beast that is my mane. Besides, I was in the mood for hoarding beauty prods anyway, so why leave the hair hanging?

On impulse, I went to the grocery store and browsed through the selection of hair treatments. I chanced upon Cream Silk Anti Hairfall Perfection Intensive Treatment Mask (from what I remember, about PHP 220+) and opened the jar out of  curiosity. At first, the scent was overwhelming, a floral perfume that was too strong to ignore. I left but came back a few minutes later to give it another chance. Meh, okay, why not? At least it didn’t smell like chemical or medicine.

Cream Silk Anti-hairfall Perfection Intensive Treatment Mask

You get 160mL of product in each tub. Well, that’ll last me for a good, long time. I usually use these things only when I remember to. When I’m not too lazy, I’ll do the treatment once a week. The instructions indicate to leave on the product for just 5 minutes, but I choose to go the extra mile and encase my hair in a shower cap while taking my sweet time at 10 minutes to give it a “hot oil” treatment.



The texture of the product is pleasant. It may look waxy when you first open the tub, but it’s more like immensely thick or rich conditioner. I apply it to the bottom half of my hair because I don’t appreciate an oily Professor Snape look.

Forgive the state it’s in. I’ve been clawing at it once-a-week for an entire month now

While I won’t bother with a Before/After photo for this entry, I will say that the treatment makes good on at least 1 count. Hair feels softer immediately after. The scent also fades to nothingness after I rinse out the treatment thoroughly. As I write this, I am periodically sniffing my hair and I’m getting next to nothing. (If you don’t like all your hair product scents mixing into a big mumbo-jumbe, then this one’s for you.) I’m not qualified to talk about anti-hairfall because I’m guessing that this claim is only valid if you use the entire Cream Silk Anti-hairfall range.

In general, most rinse-off hair treatments are the same in nature. They all promise to strengten/repair/soften hair, so the practical consumer will likely consider price and scent as more of a telling indication. This brand does the job properly, doesn’t leave a cloying scent, and rinses out well. I’d award it a 4/5 rating. You feel the immediate effects, and it’s a good at-home haircare maintenance program. While it’s not the cheapest, it is also not the most expensive.


“A Hairy Mess” Series To Be Continued….




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