Belo Essentials Skin Hydrating Whitening Facial Wash

I’ve never been tempted to become “Belo-fied” before in my life, but my skin had been going through a crisis recently. Fine breakouts were showing up to the sides of my nose and there was also a noticeable redness. It got to the point that I was Googling what could have caused the irritation. Finally, I was feeling open-minded enough to try Dr. Vicky Belo’s for-mass-consumption range of beauty products.

To those who are unfamiliar with Vicky Belo’s work, you could say she is the Philippine equivalent of LA’s Dr. Lancer, dermatologist to the stars. That also means that her services come with a very hefty price tag, so I wasn’t much of a fan. On a girl’s day out, Eva (of Uvla Store fame) told me she used Belo Essentials Skin Hydrating Whitening Face Wash because she considered it similar in quality and effect to Neutrogena’s classic amber-colored cleanser. According to her, anything other than a clear gel type of cleanser made her prone to skin irritation.  The recommendation stuck with me until a week later, when I finally gave in and picked a tube up from a nearby Mercury Drug.

By Philippine market standards, this 100mL tube of PHP 120+ face wash is considered affordable. It’s a soap-free gel formula with a blue-green tint that’s also hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested (by Belo, duh!). There’s a mild scent that I consider clean and relaxing, if slightly feminine. It also promises to whiten in just 7 days because that’s a national obsession here.

The ingredients are so hard to read

Generally, when it comes to cleansing, people tend to believe that the more a face wash becomes sudsy, the more effective it is at stripping away impurities. Admittedly, even I feel the same way. Such is not the case with Belo. The gel has to be rubbed between wet hands thoroughly in order to produce only a slight lather. That’s why I tend to squeeze out two pea-sized drops versus the one pea-sized drop that usually does the trick with other brands of face wash that I’ve used.

Clear gel goo that looks blue-green inside the tube

My face feels clean and oil-free post-rinse. There’s a pleasant minty sensation equivalent to what PH Care Cool Wind does for the lady bits. (Hehe.) It’s non-drying because my face doesn’t feel tight afterwards and doesn’t re-grease any faster than usual. In short, it’s a good product worthy of the hype. Here I was thinking that making a mass-consumption line on Belo’s part was merely a ploy to sell generic, so-so products for slightly elevated prices because of her bold “Belo-fied” campaign. Well, I’m glad to have been proven wrong.

I’d give it a 5/5 rating for being affordable and oh-so-gentle on my abused skin. Don’t mind the just-okay packaging.


11 thoughts on “Belo Essentials Skin Hydrating Whitening Facial Wash

    • Hi skinnychiq,

      Nope, I didn’t get any pimples from the facial wash, pero I also double cleanse so my routine tends to be thorough. If anything, my biggest complaint is how the gel dissolves when you try to work up a lather. Di siya natutunaw sa tubig agad agad, so I have to keep rubbing and rubbing to get the gel to dissolve completely.

        • I have little experience with Belo toners as I’ve only used the moisturizer with SPF and the face wash so far. But if you are acne or pimple prone, why not try the new one? Yung AcnePro Treatment Toner na purple packaging. Toner kasi parang extra cleansing na rin, so might as well get the one that can address pimple concerns. Then if you want brightening (since Belo blue and pink are both for skin lightening), tsaka papasok yung brightening moisturizer and/or serum. 🙂

          • hirap kc mgdecide ng serums or creams eh…im afraid it might trigger another pimple…yun dpt bblhn q ung acne pro toner kea lng wla ng stock sa Watsons..cguro next time nlng pg ubos n ung toner ko na blue..thanks!!😁

      • hi Ms. I am now starting using BELO Hydrating facial Wash just last night.I just want to ask if are also using cleanser after the facial wash?..I can feel aslo the smoothness after using..Gusto ko tuloy tuloy eh.hehehe.looking forward for your reply thank you..

        • Hi Janel! Nowadays, I use a makeup remover followed by a face wash. If the makeup remover is the cotton-off type (micellar water, cold cream), I use lather up with the facial wash twice. If I’m using a rinse-off makeup remover (cleansing oil/gel), I lather with facial wash just once. 🙂 Glad to hear that you got good results!

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