Simply Pretty Glitter and Shine Collection Mini Eyeliner

When sleep is but an illusion, brightly colored eyeliner can put a look together in a flash—not to mention brighten the eye area a great deal. If you’re trying not to look tired, I recommend bright eyeliner to distract from the bags and dark circles. Personally, I’ve not had so much courage to use it before now, since I believed I would look too silly. (Can you say ‘rave-ready’ or ‘teeny-bopper’?) Thank goodness I was a little more open-minded this month!

Weapon of choice is Avon’s Simply Pretty Glitter and Shine Collection Mini Eyeliner in EmeraldI was instantly attracted to this because of the oh-so-tiny size. Anything that’ll lessen the weight of my hefty bags are a welcome addition to my kikay kit. At the PHP 79 sale price (regular price is PHP 99), it was hard to refuse!

A mini that packs a punch


Given that 0.2g of product sounds like next-to-nothing,  I didn’t have any high expectations for the amount inside the little tube. When I opened it up and twisted to full-capacity, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the amount of eyeliner was quite long that it was more than half of the tube’s body. In short, they didn’t skimp just because the packaging was small. Good value-for-money.

Next to a tube of Clinique Longlast Glosswear

A fair amount of product inside

In an attempt to create an everyday, budget-friendly FOTD, I paired this with basic green eye shadow from Careline. The lipgloss for this look was Clinique’s Longlast Glosswear in Tenderheart.

Green eye, neutral lip

Time to get down to business: First thing you absolutely must know about this eyeliner is that it contains glitter. Not shimmer, but tiny pieces of GLITTER. (This has already been indicated in the name of the product, so take this literally.) If you hate glitter, this is just a big “NO” on so many levels because it has a lot of said glitter to the point that application means repeatedly going back and forth to achieve a noticeable effect. In my case, I used it on the upper and lower lashlines.

The longevity is good. I was out of the house from morning to night and the eyeliner was able to stay put the entire time. A word to the wise: avoid the waterline and the area near the tear ducts. I had no problems the first time I used this, but got some on the tear duct area the second time, so my eyes started to itch like crazy. That’s to be expected of glitter.

Out of sheer enthusiasm, I also decided to get the other two colors available which are Amethyst (a shimmery blue-violet, reminiscent of blueberry cheesecake topping) and Amber (a subtle, shimmery gold for a more neutral look).

Amber (L), Amethyst (R)

I’d give these (all colors of this eyeliner range) a 5/5 rating for having good value-for-money, long wear-time, and consistent quality with what the brochure describes. As for irritation from the glitter, it’s use-at-your-own-risk because it’s a glitter eyeliner, after all.


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