A Hairy Mess Part 2

Apart from a good ol’ rinse-off hair treatment, crazy frizzy locks like mine require other products to weigh it down. I’ve tried leave-on conditioners before (Sunsilk’s Smooth and Manageable and Pantene), but now I want to spring for some hair oil because it’s the new “it” product for hair. Dove Hair Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Serum, to be precise. (Fun Fact: In the US, Dove haircare’s endorser is Parks and Recreation’s Rashida Jones.)

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Nutri-Oil Serum

It seemed like a bad idea at first, because hair oil on a person who doesn’t want greasy strands sounds so counterproductive. But as long as the product stays away from the roots, then all should be well. The intended use of a hair oil is mostly to add a bit of shine to otherwise dull hair, in addition to moisturizing and smoothing the strands. IMHO Perhaps the appeal of the oil over leave-on conditioners is that the formula is often lighter or weightless. If you have thick hair and you don’t want the added volume, maybe a thinner liquid like this is ideal.

Product info


You get 40ml of oil in a plastic bottle with pump dispenser for PHP 239. Compared to a leave-on, that’s expensive, but I personally only use 2-3 pumps at a time and only when I remember to put it on. It’ll last me a good couple of months. The small size makes it a staple in my bag as it’s so easy to tote around when a quick hair fix is needed.

2-3 pumps on the palm

When you think of serum, what comes to mind is a consistency that’s thicker than oil or water but thinner than cream. This particular hair serum has the exact consistency of oil, so don’t be surprised that it’s runny. Like I said, I employ 2-3 pumps of product for my chest-length hair. I like to warm the oil in my palms by thoroughly rubbing both hands together and then applying to the hair from the nape of the neck down. Then I comb to spread it out evenly. Sometimes I use it while my hair is still damp, but mostly I like to apply when my hair is already dry. I try to be very careful with the amount I pump out. Too much of any oil becomes greasy.

The make or break factor of this oil serum has got to be the scent. It has this strong, slightly smoky smell that reminds me of a gentleman’s pomade of olden times. If you don’t want a product that messes with your shampoo and/or conditioner’s scent, this is so not for you. If you’re okay with that type of scent, then this is a handy product to have in your purse. Something I’d give a 4.5/5 to because of the sometimes-distracting scent.


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