Eco Friendly Baggie

In supporting the eco-friendly Philippines movement, I’ve indulged in countless eco bags to haul my purchases in—not that I have that many purchases to speak of. Most times, I use the generic, cheapo bags that all the big groceries offer. It’s inexpensive and can haul some heavy loads so long as the bottom is supported while carrying.

Typical, but it works

Last Saturday, I met with some old friends to celebrate our group Christmas party. Eva of UVLA Store gave all the gals goodies from her collection.

(Left) Pouch and (Right) Bag

Aren’t these just the cutest eco bags??? They’re very Bohemian, well-suited to the quirky, vintage-loving, Cubao  X crowd. I’ve been telling Eva that she reminds me of Jessica Day, Zooey Deschanel’s hipster-chic character from New Girl.

Who’s that girl? It’s Jess Eva!

If you’re in the Cubao area, do stop by UVLA Store at Cubao X. I guarantee that each visit will be interesting, since they’ve always got some freshly acquired toy or trinket to gawk at.


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