BEAutiful Soul: The Almost Acca Kappa

It all started with an argument… I was going out on an errand and was completing my so-called OOTD with a spritz (or four!) of cologne, which just so happened to be my mom’s Acca Kappa Muschio Bianco that day. (I’ve been known to sneak a few spritzes of the clean-smelling scent when the mood strikes.) Mom was there and got a little upset that I was using her special occasion scent for errands.

Mom: Don’t use that. I hardly use it myself, only saving it for when there are big events.

Me: You hoard perfumes, and you totally shouldn’t. They either dry up or start to stink.

Okay, I feel a little bad for using her favorite scent for a mall run, so I opted to shop for my own bottle of an alternative instead. That’s right, Acca Kappa has an alternative that’s very affordable at PHP 348. May I present Kashieca BEAutiful Soul:

Isn’t the bottle reminiscent of Givenchy’s Dahlia Noir?

Dahlia Noir

It’s been around since 2010, but I’ve only just discovered it this year because I can be very out-of-the-loop sometimes. I was window shopping some months ago with my mom, and she was so amazed that it smelled exactly like Muschio Bianco. At the time, we didn’t bother getting it because she still had a mostly full bottle of Acca Kappa on her dresser. It stuck with me though.


What’s nice:

  • The packaging is pretty with regard to box and bottle. Like I said, the bottle shape and lid brought to mind a stripped-down Dahlia Noir, while the box is a little quirky but cute. Seeing that it’s a celebrity scent for Bea Alonzo, the box design is probably a nod to her.
  • Under the lid is a black spritzer which I thought added a touch of class.

What’s fneh:

  • The bottle size is bulky for small purses, but PHP 348 for 65 mL is a good deal. Okay, no complaints! Thank goodness I’m used to lugging around a sack of a bag.
  • On me, it doesn’t have much of a staying power. To be fair, my skin makes fragrances with high alcohol content vanish in a jiffy. Even the actual Acca Kappa cologne doesn’t last that long. Re-sprays are inevitable.
  • Of course, this scent is not a 100% replica of Acca Kappa. You get the clean muschio bianco scent at the beginning that eventually has a dry down of fruity-meets-spicy pink peppercorn.

What’s not nice:

  • A sticker label on the bottle comes off as a little tacky if you’re conscious about displaying it on a show dresser.

Rating: 4.5/5. Nice enough for daily use. I’d personally wear this at home or outside when I don’t want a scent that leaves too much of an impression. In short, it’s good for a mellow day.


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