Instant Glow Argan Soap for Face and Neck: The Golden Bar?

With my wonderful experience using Instant Argan Oil, I wanted to see if I could get even more out of the line. The next time I had a free day, I rushed on over to Watson’s and got me a bar of Instant Glow Morocco Argan Oil Argan Soap for Face and Neck (PHP 249). I parted with my hard earned PHP 200 +  with the highest expectations from this miracle oil-based cleanser. Now before I get into the actual review, here’s what the product looks like:

A sealed box

Quite a big bar of soap, as you can see when put beside my 100mL bottle of argan oil


The packaging is simple but hygienic, with emphasis placed on protecting the bar of soap inside. A sealed plastic wrap on the box gives it a bonus of 100+ points because at least I know that what I’ve purchased hasn’t been pawed by whoever stopped to check the display. Then there’s the bubble wrap inside that cushions the soap from getting banged up. Once that’s been discarded, there is a final layer of saran wrap separating the precious soap from the elements.

Bubble wrap!

Another layer: massive bar wrapped in saran

Now for the actual usage of the soap… The gigantic size of this argan soap bar kind of justifies the price, and so does the list of ingredients that include witch hazel and shea butter. Upon first whiff, I got the overwhelming buttery smell of hopia mongo—not a bad thing as I don’t mind the scent of Filipino-Chinese pastries at all. A decent lather is created when rubbed with water, though not enough that it feels like germicidal soap.

I was instructed by the sales attendant to massage the lather onto my face and leave it for about 5 minutes, which was impossible for me because I always ended up getting stingy suds in my eyes. After washing my face, I could feel a tightness in the skin. My combination-normal skin might not be 100% compatible with this formula that I find too strong for me. This argan soap also didn’t seem to help clear my minor breakouts. However, I’ve seen the other reviews and my guess is that this soap is better-suited to oilier skin types to really get in there and strip away the sebum.

Because I don’t agree with the formula, I’ve been using this as a body soap instead. I  wouldn’t say that it has helped lighten my skin, but it does last a loooooong time before the bar dissolves into nothingness. When the sales girl told me it was matipid (thrifty), she meant it. My recommendation? Find a friend and split a bar, so that you’re not left with too much if this isn’t a good match for you. The sales attendant herself told me that she slices the soap bar in half with a knife, thereby preserving the other half and prolonging her usage. Hmm… good money-saving tip there.

My Rating: 3.5/5 Bar soaps tend to be harsh, even when they’re intended for the face. They’ll never really get a high rating from me from the get go, unless I use one that practically defies gravity. Good soap, but a little drying when used on the face. I’d stick to the argan oil instead.


13 thoughts on “Instant Glow Argan Soap for Face and Neck: The Golden Bar?

  1. i bougth argan soap & argan cream repair at Watson’s, i used but after 4 to 5 days , rushes start to appear on my face it feels hot and my my face is almost inflame ,
    im so embarassed for what happen to my face now

  2. about to go to Watson’s later to get my Argan Oil soap… now I’m hesitating after your not-so-good experience from the soap…. know other brand of facial soap with Argan oil that I can use keeping in mind my super sensitive skin… thx :)))

    • In retrospect, I feel like argan oil in soap might not be as effective as just using an argan moisturizer. You rinse it off immediately, so I don’t think the oil will have enough time to be absorbed by the skin. So if it’s a facial wash or soap we are talking about, I’d pay more attention to the main ingredients of the soap rather than the “enriched with” ingredients.

      It’s nice to use a complete set, because the products are designed to be used together for better compatibility. That was my main reason in getting the soap, but it ended up not being my cup of tea.

  3. Thank you so much for this review! I’ve been looking in to this product & it’s helpful to hear your experience with it!

    • I’m sorry to hear that. 😦 Perhaps take into consideration the other ingredients that make up this soap. You might be allergic to those.

      It’s the pure argan oil by itself that has all those awesome qualities meant to appease the skin. That said, the best mode of action would be for you to try pure argan oil. (Yes, the one with the raw, nutty scent.)

  4. Great blog if you have the time could you check out a few of mine 😊 also if there’s anything you’d like me to write about just ask !x

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