Paint Box Wonder Woman Hydrating Lip Color in Tough

Seeing as this is my first post for 2014, I’d like to greet everyone a Happy New Year! As always, my vague goal is for improvement. Hopefully, save more money, try new things, and be a little gutsier. On the beauty front, why not check off the ‘gutsier’ part of my list by opting for a bolder choice of lip color? Yeah, I’ve tried fuchsia and deep red, but I’m thinking more along the lines of coral. 🙂

I am a firm believer in doing things gradually. Not wanting to choose something too outright coral that I doubt would match my skin tone because of its warmth, I settled for a bright pinkish coral instead, finding it in Paint Box’s Wonder Woman Hydrating Lip Color in Tough. This is probably a limited edition line with colors that are on the bolder side for that adventurous feel. The line also features face powder and lip gloss as part of this special comic-based collection.

Fun packaging

At PHP 198, 3.6 g of product sounds fair. While the box is wonderful, the actual tube is simple and cost-effective with just a red-and-blue plastic tube with the Wonder Woman logo on it. It’s a far cry from MAC’s Wonder Woman collection, but so is the price. That the lipstick is made in Italy gives it a bit of an edge for those who like imported beauty goods.


Before I proceed, I just have to ask: Does scent on a lipstick matter? Is it a deciding factor in the purchase of a tube of lipstick if the scent is great? Well, to me it is. What’s the point of nice color, if it smells too artificial? This particular one has a tutti-frutti bubblegum scent that I neither adore nor despise, though my absolute favorite lipstick scent is MAC’s addictive vanilla aroma.

The formula isn’t very creamy, so it doesn’t feel heavy on the lips. To me Bench lipsticks and glosses tend to be on the drying side, so a layer of lip balm would help. There’s a slight glossy sheen to it that usually means the color shifts and collects at the edges of the lips rather than staying firmly in the center—a characteristic common with other glossy lipsticks. Lasting power is okay, but the color still only stays on the outer edges. Two layers are sufficient to effectively brighten the pout.

My Rating: 4/5. An average formula, but one that is up to standard with lipsticks in the same price range. Get this for the  interesting color and the affordable price.


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