Shiseido Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam

The cleanser (aka face wash) is probably the most basic facial beauty product that ever existed—perhaps as essential as a bar of soap. Even those who aren’t fans of makeup or moisturizer can at least be counted on to wash away the daily dirt with a trusty cleanser. As for my own preferences, I don’t consider myself all that picky. Give me a cleanser that washes away grease and creates an appropriate amount of lather, and I’m good to go. However, there comes the occasional noteworthy product that begs for a detailed review. For example: Shiseido Perfect Whip Foam.  I’ve been using this for months now, so you can expect this to be a rave review.

Shiseido Perfect Whip Foam is an affordable option

Story is… Mom bought this on sale from a trip, so it is certain that the sale price does not exceed PHP 150. She has very strict budget rules that cannot be swayed!


There is 120g  of cleanser inside this neat blue tube and it is, of course, made in Japan. The packaging is in line with the trademark minimalist Japanese style with its cute shape and absence of fancy graphics or wild colors. I didn’t even notice that it’s from Shiseido until I read the tiny English text in the back. 

Pearly, silky drop

First thing you must know is how a little of this goes a long way. The pea-sized drop I dispensed has a pearly quality to it, and that’s all you need for a clean wash. Second interesting detail—and probably the most important—is that this produces the sudsiest lather I have ever tried, bar none. The foam feels like a soft pillow layer that lets your hands glide smoothly over the face. If you need to feel a thick lather before considering your skin clean enough, then you must go out and get this. (Any thicker, and it becomes shaving cream. Just kidding!) Third, the light scent reminds me of the old Biore face wash. And fourth, it’s not the type of face wash that always seems to get into the eyes and sting because, believe me, I’ve tried my fair share of those cleansers!

The slightest effort in rubbing the hands together produces this much lather, and it quickly gets thicker after that

If there’s one negative comment to be mentioned, my only problem with these foamy cleansers in general is the sometimes ‘too clean’ sensation that follows after the rinse. It might start to feel the tiniest bit dry but it’s the clean-as-a-whistle nature of foaming cleansers, so I don’t blame them. Besides, it’s nothing your standard moisturizer can’t fix.

Combine it with a scrub

Tip: The general rule is not to over-exfoliate to give your skin a chance to renew properly, so I only use a facial scrub once or twice a week. I like to mix Perfect Whip with my scrub du jour (currently using Garnier), and it produces the most amazing gentle exfoliation. The foam acts as a cushion, so you can still feel the mircrobeads working their magic but not as harshly as usual.

My Rating: 5/5 Without the dramatic packaging, the product inside the tube speaks volumes for itself. Any self-respecting lather fan will cherish this. My face feels clean and bare afterwards, though I still use makeup remover to avoid residue. After all, no single face wash is a match for layers of concealer and foundation—cleansing oil, not included.


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