I’m Sensitive!

Deny as I might, my skin is not as strong as I’d like it to be. It’s in my genes, from my mother’s side of the family. They can be very… selective of beauty products because there have been cases where my mom or aunt have developed breakouts, rashes, and other adverse reactions to things they were using. I would pray to the high heavens that I did not take after them because that would make shopping for beauty loot so much harder. Plus, I could never afford a dermatologist, so I had to navigate the road to flawless skin all by my lonesome.

Up until recently, my prayers seem to have been answered. I spent the last few years trying everything there was to try without incident. Different brands, different products… you name it! Then, in late 2012, I started to notice that my skin wasn’t acting the way it usually did. I’d break out a lot, particularly on the chin and forehead or the flat surface of skin on either side of the nose. I wrote it off to having so little sleep while I was doing my internship, but the problem persisted long after that.

Probably the only time I saw a respite was when I was using argan oil alone. But then the desire to try on a slew of other products became so great that I decided to develop a regiment around it instead. And so I got toner, serum, cream, and all that jazz, but it did my skin no favors. I got small breakouts that I would chalk up to my skin adjusting to the new products.

Eventually, I got so sick and tired of the entire thing that I focused on “unplugging” my beauty routine. This meant taking away all the products I didn’t need and sticking to the bare essentials. What I was left with were argan oil and hypoallergenic cream, and I have to say that it’s done a lot of good. While I didn’t notice any whitening, glowing, or radiance, I was able to maintain decent skin through the holiday season.

As it turns out, I’m not immune to skin sensitivity after all. With that in mind, I’ll be more careful when testing future beauty loot for skin compatibility. That probably makes one of my 2014 resolutions.  🙂


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