I Do Love A Good Wedding Part 1

The heat is on, and I bet you can feel it too. It’s Summer 2014 in Manila. And you know what that means… Themes & Motifs Inspirations for Weddings issue 3 is officially out!

Love me do

The road to closing this issue was a little trickier this time around because of the shorter production time we had, but mission accomplished. Whew! And in spite of staring at soft copies of the articles for hours on end, I’m still amazed to see the finished product in all its completed glory. It feels so fresh, and this issue is all about the fresh new trends of summer that’ll give weddings a ‘getaway’ feel.

Here are some behind-the-scene photos of what went down in our Hotel Kimberly, Tagaytay shoot:

Dangling crystals

Hotel Kimberly Pavilion in the afternoon sun

Our happy “couple” enjoying a sunset dinner

Breakfast, anyone?

The obligatory shooting-the-photographer-shooting-the-subject shot (aka The Inception Shot)

They needed a nightcap

Wanna see more of Hotel Kimberly? Watch out for Part 2 of I Do Love A Good Wedding! 😀


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