When I’m not obsessing over cosmetics, I’m usually on the lookout for brilliant school office supplies. There’s still a part of me that looks back fondly on the days when the rapidly approaching new school year would bring with it a mad rush to the bookstore for the necessary provisions. Yes, I’m the type of person who still gets thrilled at the smell of pencils and new notebooks!

If you appreciate a good office supply like I do, these Dong-A Jet Stick Highlighters (PHP 22.75) may be of interest:

Instead of the common felt-tip marker and highlighter (yet again), Dong-A has stepped it up with neon-colored waxy sticks that don’t dry out like the traditional marker does. The sticks are contained in a plastic tube with a base that twists, so it works like your average lipstick. Because of the somewhat crayon-like formula, gel pens can’t be used to write over areas where highlighting has been done, but using regular ink is fine. There’s quite a bit of product in the tube, so I’d have to say that there’s good value-for-money in there.

Next time you’re shopping for markers, do give this one a try. I’ve been a Dong-A fan for years, and Jet Stick does the brand justice.


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