Lam Tin Food Fest

While I’m constantly trying to explore the vast array of food beyond what I’ve already tried, there will always be simple favorites that produce as much of an exhilarating effect as any Michelin-starred restaurant. Take my favorite Chinese restaurant, Lam Tin, for example. From the outside, it may look just a step above the average Chinese food canteen in Binondo with its uncomplicated signboard and sparse decor, but anyone passing by this part of Banawe will notice that this eatery is almost always full to capacity. Truly, it is one of those times where the food speaks for itself, and does it speak volumes!

Lam Tin Tea House

Last Call time: the only reason this place wasn’t crowded anymore

My family learned about Lam Tin through other relatives who would drop by just to order takeout. Delicious, authentic Chinese food with big servings yet doesn’t cost much? Yes, please! Just thinking about it is already making me crave my favorite dish…

…the Tausi Fish Fillet (PHP 200+)

I never used to care for tausi (black bean paste) before I tried their Tausi Fish Fillet. That first time I had a taste of this was back when I was suffering from a nasty stomach ulcer attack. My dad bought the rice topping version, and I gobbled it up to soothe my empty stomach. I thought, “Maybe I was just hungry?” But no, visiting the restaurant in person made me realize how consistently scrumptious the fish fillet dish is with its crispy breading and savory sauce.

Beef Ho Fan

Mom loves Beef Ho Fan (PHP 200+; available only on weekends) from anywhere, so she insists on ordering this too. The flat noodles are soggy yet chewy in the sauce, and the serving is big enough for three people if they’re ordering other dishes.

I don’t remember the name, but this is crispy breaded shrimp in sweet and sour sauce

The shrimp dish is totally worth the price, since you get a fair amount of shrimp that isn’t heavy on the breading.

Lam Tin Fried Chicken

Lam Tin Fried Chicken (PHP 400 for whole, but they also offer half) is the typical fried chicken with shrimp chicharon and Mang Tomas sauce. It’s good, but my favorite chicken dish is still their Butter Chicken.

Hot & Sour Soup

I’m not a fan of Hot & Sour Soup (PHP 100+) in general, and I much prefer Lam Tin’s Seafood Soup. The parentals, on the other hand, LOVE their Hot & Sour, and Lam Tin’s tastes exactly like how it’s supposed to taste. A big bowl can fill three smaller bowls.

Yang Chow Fried Rice

My mom RAVES about the Yang Chow Fried Rice (PHP 180) there. They don’t skimp out on the good stuff, I’ll tell you that. You get a generous helping of shrimp, egg, and meat. In fact, mom swears she can eat the rice alone. No need for viands.

The Finisher: a sago’t gulaman dessert

If you’re a fan of Chinese food and you haven’t tried this, what on earth are you waiting for??


LAM TIN TEAHOUSE =  #30-U Banawe St. Cor Cuenco St. Brgy Sto. Domingo, Quezon City, Philippines


P.S. You can also get a reasonably-priced Noodle Feast there.


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