The Spa Day

No matter how stressed out I have gotten, I’ve never been one to regularly go to a spa for a massage. My mom usually has to force me, and I never know how tense I’ve become until all the knots have been loosened. Imagine what a pleasant surprise I got when one of my good friends sponsored a spa day for me and my mom. (Thank you very much! You know who you are.)

We made our way over to Eastwood City one sunny Tuesday afternoon for our scheduled spa date. Can I just say how relaxing the ambiance is? I’ve only been to The Spa one other time, so I’m not sure if each branch has a different theme. The one in Eastwood, however, took on a Greek island atmosphere. It was lovely.


We were ushered into a Premiere Suite, a private room for one or two that includes a shower, massage bed, faucet, and choice of either a Jacuzzi or steamer.

Tada! I chose the jacuzzi option

The bath was already drawn by the time we entered


The separate WC / toilet was immaculate

I love how they went the extra mile. A cup of sweet salabat (ginger) tea and water were provided for each guest before and after the session. There were towels, robes, slippers, bath amenities, and posh magazine to help with the unwinding. Our massage therapists, Susan and Tim, were excellent with our Swedish massages.

Post-Massage Bliss

Having an occasional mom-and-daughter date at The Spa is something I’d try saving up for! They put so much effort into the ambiance and the service that you’ll easily associate them with treating yourself to a piece of luxury.



Good service, well-trained massage therapists, and a soothing ambiance from the reception to the rooms.


I wish they had disposable slippers (the thin hotel ones) for hygienic purposes. The robes also looked well-worn.


For more information visit The Spa’s website here.


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