Nivea Lip Butter in Vanilla & Macadamia

The Lip Balm Lady strikes again! This time, my rave is about Nivea Lip Butter Vanilla & Macadamia for helping with pillow-soft lips in any weather.

(In the background is the Yadah pouch I got from Mariana of The Beauty Bee. Thanks again, Mariana!)

As you can see, the lip butter comes in a tiny tin that’s more or less travel-friendly (unless the lid comes loose). Tin packaging is always a double-edged sword: It looks cute/vintage, but is a b*tch to clean up if it accidentally opens in your purse… I guess Beiersdorf designed to make it look more like Nivea Creme? It makes for a certain uniformity in their packaging. Hey, maybe it’s a subliminal message that reminds you to also pick up a tin of Nivea Creme while you’re at it? Enough with the theories! Let’s get on to the actual lip butter.

I’ve been using it nightly, so my lip butter’s a little battered

Upon opening the tin, the subtle aroma of vanilla and macadamia greets your nose. I’ve sniffed Raspberry Rose, Caramel Cream, and Original, but I still think Vanilla and Macadamia has the creamiest, most non-invasive scent of the line that makes it ideal for bedtime. In case you’re curious, Raspberry Rose has that tart raspberry scent, while Caramel Cream has a strong buttery scent. On the pout, I don’t feel any stickiness or oiliness. It isn’t heavy either, so I don’t feel like I have a thick coating on. In the morning, I can still feel the lip butter there. What a big relief that it has survived the Philippine summer so far without the need for refrigeration! If you’re looking to purchase from Manila, you can get it from Bonmarche Page. Unfortunately, Nivea Philippines does not carry it. (Oh, how I wish they would!) You could also try Olive Young or Watsons in Korea. Now if you find yourself in UAE, go to any local grocery and look for Labello. It’s the exact same packaging, except the logo has been switched from Nivea to Labello. Why? Labello is also under Beiersdorf! Rating: 5/5 It’s a lip butter, so expect it to be rich. But bear in mind it’s the kind of rich that isn’t sticky or gross.

*Update 10/2014: Nivea Lip Butters (all three variants) are now available in the Philippines. Saw the display in Watson’s the other day.*


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