Suejin Beauty Care Foam Cleanser

I hardly ever get the K-Pop feeling, but I make it a point to drop by the neighborhood Korean store when I’m craving for Melona. Apart from Japchae ingredients and the requisite ice cream, I also got a tube of Suejin Beauty Care Foam Cleanser (approx. PHP 65 / 50ml).

According to the packaging, it’s “The Secret of Korean Actresses”

I’ll do a quick review format for this one…

Packaging: Simple, but I’m not quite convinced by the claims. Inside, the tube is sealed with foil/plastic that you have to peel off first.


Scent: If you’ve tried Off Lotion, then you’ll know what this smells like. I’m not a fan of Off’s scent, so this isn’t all that attractive to me. Which leaves us with…

Consistency/Lather: It’s a pearly white paste that has a fair lather, meaning it lathers up like your average drugstore cleansing foam. Since I’m used to Shiseido’s Perfect Whip foam levels, I tend to squeeze out more to get a sudsier wash.

My Rating: 4/5 because I really don’t like the scent, but that’s a subjective thing. As a face wash, the lather is okay.


3 thoughts on “Suejin Beauty Care Foam Cleanser

  1. just got one today from Haneul Ddang – a small Korean grocery store here in U-116 Grand Emerald Tower, F. Ortigas Jr. Rd, Ortigas Center Pasig City.

    • I was able to buy this in a small Korean grocery years ago, but I haven’t seen it again since in that same grocery or any other Korean grocery I’ve been to. Sorry. 😦

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