Celeteque Brightening Multi-benefit BB Cream

While others have moved on to CCs and DDs, I’m still open to BB Creams and the beauty benefits they bring. Today’s review spotlights Celeteque Brightening Multi-benefit BB Cream (PHP 325). (Got mine from Sample Room, by the way.)

Quick Specs: 30ml; SPF 15; comes in only one shade, and made in Thailand. There was a holiday promotion in Watson’s where you can get a free makeup pouch for every purchase. They might still have stocks of the freebies left, so hurry and get yours.



Spreadability: I’ve had experiences with BBs that were either too thick or too thin, making them difficult to spread and blend properly. This was not the case for Celeteque. The first thing that stood out for me was how easy it was to smooth on to the skin without much “pulling”. That in itself is a big deal as pulling can lead to premature sagging.

Effect: Leaves skin matte instead of dewy, but I like that because I have combination skin that doesn’t fare well with “dewy” BBs. It also minimizes imperfections and smooths out pores.



Cons: I’ve noticed a lot of people complaining about the lack of more shades. This product matches fair skin better, so morena gals might find issue with this. Also, one of its benefits is BioWhite that contains high levels of AHA. If you’ve done your research on the double-edged sword that is AHA, you’d know that it has the ability to aid skin renewal, yet requires a lot of SPF. Why? It also leaves skin vulnerable to UV damage. Because this BB only has SPF 15, I’m a little nervous using it outdoors. That’s why I favor this for nights out instead.

My Rating: 4/5 because of having no available shade selection and the AHA problem. But remember, this glides on as smoothly as it gets!


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