The Twofers Post

These days, there’s always a special item that caters to each specific need. That’s well and good for when you want to target a particular concern, but what about those people who are restricted by budgets? If you can save time and money by grabbing a “twofer” (two items for the price of one—in this case, two ways to make use of a single product), you’re doing the practical thing.

Off the top of my head, these are my own personal twofer tricks:

1. Foundation acts as concealer — Have you found your HG (holy grail to end all searches) foundation yet? If you have, then you’re likely to describe it as having the perfect consistency, matching your skintone to a T, and providing ample coverage to correct what you need it to. Got something that’s also buildable? Then maybe you can hold off on buying concealer.

Powder foundation that can be used with a wet or dry sponge is usually the best for this purpose. Most of the time, I’m good to go with just a dry sponge. Extra pats are good enough to cover redness and dark circles. If you decide to experiment with the wet sponge, just focus on your blending. Cream-to-powder foundies aren’t all that ideal as they tend to become cakey especially when used under eye. For liquid foundation, consistency and buildability are the things to keep an eye for. Just don’t forget to set with powder.

2. Lip balm doubles as dry skin salve  — Because I’m a serial lip balm buyer, I tend to stock more than what I need. It’s no biggie though as I like to use the leftovers to soothe ashy elbows and ankles or dry cuticles. I actually have rosebud salve, but I reach for the lip balms more frequently.

3. Regular deodorant replaces foot powder — In my humble opinion, sweaty feet and foot powder don’t always go together. Foot powder tends to create a lot of… um… residue. The not-so-surprising remedy is to use an antiperspirant/deodorant instead. That promise of 24-hour protection applies to any part of the body, though I’d recommend only applying to underarms and feet. Deodorant sticks are the best for this purpose, while roll-ons are a messy no-no. It stands to reason that you should buy a separate one just for the feet to maintain hygiene.

4. Deep conditioner converts to regular conditioner — If I had to get just one—either a deep/treatment conditioner or a plain conditioner—I’d spring for the deep conditioner that’s probably richer on the tresses. Aside from freeing up your shower caddie, deep conditioner in small quantities can be “extended” as a regular conditioner. Besides, don’t hairstylists frown upon switching between too many different hair products? I also love that I can put on a handful of hair treatment and cover it with a shower cap for an in-house hair spa session.

5. Thick lotion equals to a decent hand cream — I’ve interchanged the two at one point or another. When I forgot to bring my body lotion on a trip, I used handcream. So why can’t you transfer your lotion to a smaller container and stash it in your purse for hands and other dry parts? Be sure to pick a formula that can be used both ways.


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