20+ Twenty Plus Makeup Remover

After running out of Old Reliable, it was time for me to discover a new makeup remover that could do all the same tricks. I’m talking about 20+Twenty plus makeup remover (75ml).

While on vacation, I was down to the last few drops of my precious Maybelline, so I went into a drugstore to score something cheap but fabulous. I was already at the till counting my payment when the cashier suggested I try 20+ because there was a buy-1-take-1 promotion. She even let me test the product with a cotton pad that I unflinchingly applied to my eye makeup on the spot, much to their surprise. (We were already on our way back to the hotel, so I didn’t mind having no makeup on.)  Last minute, I changed my mind and agreed to get the promotion instead.


Packaging: I like it because it’s clear and compact. The bottle is not too brittle that the plastic would break if dropped. Plus points for cuteness, since the packaging design matches the colors of the liquid inside.

Effectiveness: A soaked cotton pad lightly pressed over the eyelid for 10 seconds will remove most of the makeup there. Waterproof mascara takes a little more dabbing, but also comes off without much difficulty. There’s absolutely no sting even when used with eyes open. That’s the part I love most.

Before: I’ve got on Shiseido concealer, Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe, and Maybelline The Falsies Waterproof

A soaked cotton pad lightly pressed against my eye for 10 seconds results in this

After: A lot of the makeup came off on the upper lid the first round

My Rating: 5/5 Sting-free and complete makeup removal.



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