Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

I was just a high school student with an itsy-bitsy allowance when Shu Uemura made a huge splash in the Philippines for their best-selling lash curlers. When I saw my cousin using it, I have to admit that I had mixed feelings: On one hand, I was filled with envy that she could afford the holy grail of lash curlers. On the other hand, why would a little metal tool cost so much?! (PHP 1,000 to be precise)

It is now 2014, and I have FINALLY gotten my hands on this little mother. Before the big purchase, I was steadfastly holding on to my Nichido eyelash curler that’s been used and abused for the past 5 years. Never bothered to change the pads on that thing, so I made do. (My bad! lol)


  • Fits my eye shape nicely. I was torn between this and Shiseido until I tried both. Shiseido had a curve that was way too shallow for me that it painfully pinched my lids. (To know more about the curve difference, read THIS blog.)
  • Curls beautifully. Of course, that’s the main reason to splurge on this.
  • The “cheat” is to replace the Shu pads with Shiseido ones.


  • Expensive. I’m not gonna deny it. You have to think long and hard about this, particularly if on a student’s budget.
  • Wasn’t able to get my inner corner lashes, but I understand that each eye shape differs and that this is the most universally versatile.
  • There’s an “expiration date” for this lash curler. According to the box, three months of daily use is enough to wear out the silicon pad. There’s another pad provided, but the recommended shelf life is 6 months all in all. If you’re a little craftier, you can do the “cheat”. (See above.)

Lashes that have been lifted

Verdict: Make sure to try different curlers before you drop the money. It’s supposed to be about eye shape and comfort.


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